Project Management

Project Management is the central nervous system planning and overseeing all of the activities needed for a successful execution and delivery of a specified establishment or fulfilment. With over 35 years of experience in project management in the food & pharma-, biotech-, and pulp and paper industry, HEAD engineering is considered top ranked within our field when it comes to project management. We apply a spearhead methodology to structure, plan and execute projects making the progress and execution clear for our customers and it also facilitates to identify opportunities and challenges in a project already in planning phase. Focusing on cost, quality and schedule, with personal dedication, our experienced project managers manage all parts of the project and deliver complete systems.

HEAD Engineering have extensive experience in managing projects of varying from full, turn-key plant delivery to small process installations. We have a large number of highly experienced and skilled project managers with specific expertise in several industry areas.

Our strength lies in our ability to manage large complex projects from conception to completion, covering everything from preliminary studies and design to procurement of suppliers and designers, installation and deployment, as well as training and support.


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AstraZeneca and Pfizer are some examples of HEAD’s clients in project management within the food & pharma industry.

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