Mechanical Engineering & Design

Process Equipment Design

It is imperative to have a solid knowledge and insight of different aspects of the construction when planning for a plant- and process establishment. HEAD Engineering’s Design team can design and prepare manufacturing drawings and perform all necessary calculations for strength and operating conditions.

We also take care of any certificates and documents to operate the machinery.
Some designs are exclusive and patented as HEAD Engineering developed and tested equipment.


Process Plant Structure Design

In order to install and operate a process plant it is necessary to Lay Out the equipment in a way that the machines can operate properly and are easily serviced and maintained.

Piping supports are properly planned and calculated, as well as lifting devices, personal protection and operating controls.

We supplies foundation drawings with weights and dimensions, anchoring bolts positioned and drain channels planned.

We also do Strength analysis calculations of all the mechanical design, including pipe, platforms, tanks and supports.

Primary responsibility for the Construction design team includes detailed design drawings for manufacturing, strength calculations, construction materials selection, risk analysis, establishing CE documentation, and acting as the link between the project and the manufacturer.

The process plants consists of tanks, pumps, mixers, separators, heat exchangers, valves instruments and pipes. HEAD Engineering generates 3d models of all components and assembles a complete 3d model of the entire plant.

All personnel involved can view this 3d model during the project.

From the 3d model we also can create 2d drawings for plan views and section view.

From the 3d model we can also generate ISOMETRIC drawings for accurate manufacturing.