Pinola BLiSS
Black Liquor Soap Separation

PINOLA BLiSS is a newly developed process for effective separation of soap from black liquor using centrifugal separators. The process has been thoroughly validated at a Swedish mill using a full scale separator.

The PINOLA BLiSS process will render black liquor principally free from soap (< 1g CTO / kg BL DS). Less soap going to the recovery boiler means more capacity for pulp production. A normal pulp mill limited by the recovery boiler capacity can increase the pulp production by 2-5% after installing BLiSS. Further, PINOLA BLiSS will produce a highly concentrated soap stream with a CTO content of up to 60%.

The PINOLA BLiSS process will increase the amount of soap available for tall oil production by approximately 10% compared to traditional gravimetrical separation using large tanks.


Pinola BLiSS Light ?


Pinola BLiSS Skimming

Black Liquor Soap Separation Skimming

PINOLA BLiSS Skimming is a process for improved soap handling. Skimmed soap is washed with fresh black liquor and further concentrated up to a CTO content of 60%.

The washed and concentrated soap will improve the conditions for tall oil production resulting in increased capacity and reduced acid consumption. Runabillity problems associated with fouling in the CTO plant are minimized or completely eliminated.