Pinola Analyze

PINOLA Analyze consists today of two analytical methods. The methods have been
developed as a tool to quickly, efficiently, with reasonable accuracy and without the need
to use a cancerogenic solvent, be able to both analyze the soap content in black liquor as
well as determine the tall oil in sulfate soap. The methods are based on centrifuging samples
in the PINOLA Analyze heated portable centrifugal separator. To determine the soap content
in black liquor two types of centrifuge tubes are used, H20 and H50. To determine the tall oil content the centrifuge tube H90 is used.

Ranges for H20 and H50 are

H20: 0,03 – 0,87 vol% or approximately 1 – 24 g CTO / kg BL DS”

H50: 0,07 – 2,24 vol% or approximately 3 – 61 g CTO / kg BL DS”

The translation from vol% to g CTO / kg DS depends on the values set for the parameters in the tab Basic Data. For a description of the detailed procedure, refer to the separate method description.

To determine the tall oil content in sulfate soap approximately 290 g of sulfate soap is acidulated with sulphuric acid (290g is selected so that the resultant acidulated liquid fills the 4 x 90 ml H90 centrifuge tubes). For a detailed description of the procedure please see separate test method description.

Recommended settings for the heated portable centrifugal separator is for Soap content in black liquor analysis:

Temperature: 85 degC

RPM: 3000

Duration: 5min