Process Design

Since HEAD Engineering was founded, process design has been one of the most important part of the business.

On behalf of customers the company has developed processes from, in some occasions, laboratory methods to full-scale process plants as well as having designed process plants according to known methods adapted to achieve the desired product and capacity.

Companies looking for efficient, repeatable and flexible processes increasingly implement highly automated and integrated solutions; often connecting the factory level control systems through to manufacturing execution systems, to business support or enterprise resource planning systems. HEAD Engineering has the experience and expertise to deliver this through our automation team, as a part of a wider project team or as a standalone automation supplier.

HEAD Engineering has developed its own processes within the HEAD Engineering’s Pinola program for the Pulp Industry, of which TOPP is the most successful commercial process so far (tall oil production from sulphate soap). We are a very innovative company and are at the forefront of separation technology through centrifugal separation where we have a long-standing cooperation with Alfa Laval. Other process areas where HEAD

Engineering has special knowledge is distillation, filtration, fermentation, mixing, slop oil treatment (to recover oil and purified water), to name a few. If you have a process demand or problem, do not hesitate to take contact with us and let us through initial discussions propose a solution for you. We are interested in designing a single process unit up to a complete process plant.